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This part of my life means more to me than any other part. I could write an entire book on how God has not only saved me but has used me in a powerful way for his Work. I got saved in the early eighties in a hospital room while being in quarantine because of an infection I had. I knew the moment I ask God to save me that things were going to be alright in my life. A dear friend of mine Wayne Galloway help get me started in a bible study and then church. God called me to teach and then preach and then into the evangelism ministry. I am currently a member of Corner Baptist Church in Powder Spring, Ga. www.cornerbaptist.com I have been the teen teacher for many years. I have had the joy of seeing many of young people grow in their spiritual walk with God. If you want me to come and give my Testimony or Preach just send me an E-mail wheelchair_mack@bellsouth.net


I currently work for Fulton County Government www.fultoncountyga.gov in downtown Atlanta in the Information Technology Department. I started in March 2000 on the helpdesk and after two years was ask by the then IT director (Robert Taylor) to start a Break-Fix shop. Now after seventeen years I am proud to say that Futon County Government has a top notch PC Repair Shop that keeps over four thousand PC’s and Printer up and running along with all the other duties we have.


After completing my GED I when to Chattahoochee Technical College www.chattahoocheetech.edu and receive a diploma as a Computer Operator (MainFrame). I then when to Kennesaw State Continuing Education www.kennesaw.edu/coned/  and there started earning my MCSE in Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0. My teacher there was Terry Patterson who I must say is one of the smartest technical teachers I have ever mentored   under. I finished my MCSE certification under Terry’s leadership in a school he started.  I now have the following certication; MCSE NT 4.0, MCP (XP), MCDST (XP), MCTS (Vista), MCITP (Vista), MCSA (Win10) A+ (Hardware & Software). www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/default.mspxwww.comptia.org


After my injury in August 1979 (Motorcycle Wreck – Age 22) this left me a C5 quadriplegic. I have had my fair share of health problems and operations. Blood clots, Bed sores, Kidney and Blatter stones, Broken Bones, Infections and a host of other health issues. I am currently in good health due to the fact that I have a regular routine I follow and the great care I get from my family (see family).


Dad passed away in 1993 of cancer, Mother Passed away 9/18/2015. Terry is still in Texas and has two stepchildren, Cary has one daughter (Nancy) and is now a grandmother to (August), Thelma has one daughter (Ashley), Me, Jimmy has four boys (Levi, Jeff, TC & Corey), Missy has one daughter (Christy) and is a grandmother to (Blake & Savannah).

Love Life:



Bird Watching, Vegetables & Flower (Dahlia) Gardening, Dahlia Showing, Fishing, Knife Collecting

Charity Work:

Sweetwater  Mission Program: www.sweetwatermission.org. The greatest outreach program I have ever been associated with.

Peer Support “Shepherd Spinal Center (when needed)”



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